Old School New Body System

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A new workout and diet program named as Old School New Body System, is constructed and adapted for those aged 40 or above. Particularly, this age group is chosen due to little support from other programs. You can take benefit from it by considering this program for your age as a unique case. Though diet and workout plan is uncommon, but is very efficient to look 10 years younger. Author Steven Holmen his self is an example of it.

Program includes little goals easy to achieve by personals using it. They are for muscle boost, weight loss and obviously toning of body. Depending on your fitness level, success can only be guaranteed than, and it all depends on your state of health. Nothing to worry, whatever written has already been testes and is safe.

The goals of this ebook, Old School New Body is to benefit its users to get perfect weight, loss of fat and to have a toned body. It is to inform you that this program is for older age, if someone from younger age group try this program, they will not benefit from this. The 40 and above age group have certain constraints in diet and drills it may be perfect for them, but not for young ones.

A self-commitment is needed for this system to work. Minimum of 90 minutes workout must be scheduled in a week to get in shape. Merge it with proper diet as acknowledged in the course, will give you unbelievable results in a very short interval of time (few weeks). The exceptional secret formula is the key to success, claimed by the Author Mr. Steve Holmen named as F4X method by the author and he privilege it by honor.

There are three stages and methods in his F4X. The last 2 are optional. Code names given to them by author are:

  • F4X lean
  • F4x Tone

And the last one named as F4X build

This formula works as:

F4X Lean:

This is the heart and soul of the entire program, if adopted only this phase you can cut 10Lbs of your fat in a very minimal period of just 3 weeks. It is based on extensive drills and diets. As mentioned above You have the choice to end up here leaving the other two stages, but if adopt the whole program you can lose up to 30 lbs.

F4X Tone & Build:

In F4x, toning the body is getting started to tone as it already have begun to lose the fat and in the next stage the main focus is to build the muscles.